Quality Policy

The focus of Lammers LKW Service & Logistik Münsterland GmbH is the demanding provision of repair and modification services for commercial vehicles and their attachments,
With our competence and reliability we want to remain competitive and achieve growth.

To achieve this, we have set up a process organization in accordance with the international standard DIN EN ISO 9001:2015.

The following guidelines apply within the framework of this quality management system. They are to be regarded as binding guidelines for all our actions.

  • The success of our company depends on the success of our customers.
  • Therefore, we are committed to flexible service delivery that meets the individual needs of our customers, giving us a decisive competitive advantage.
  • If you want to understand customer wishes and expectations, you have to communicate with customers. Our customers are our partners. We want to identify the needs and future tasks of our customers at an early stage and solve them reliably. Unser Unternehmen steht im Kontext der internen und externen Themen / Parteien denen wir Beachtung schenken und stets auf Veränderung prüfen
  • It is not only our customers' specifications that determine our scope of action. As a company, we are embedded in a context with the internal and external relevant issues.
  • Our ideas, the transfer of knowledge and our know-how develop into methods and processes with which we will continue to exist as a company in the future.
  • We maintain an open corporate culture. We therefore want to maintain open communication and goal-oriented cooperation. This includes qualification, information and motivation. It is our common concern to inform ourselves and to qualify ourselves through need-based training.
  • Our quality management system is the framework for our actions. We want to further develop the quality management system and continuously adapt and improve it to new circumstances together.
  • Based on the realization that companies can only be successful in the future if they are innovative and actively bring about improvement processes, we see it as a challenge to question the existing and to develop forward-looking solutions through continuous improvement of quality, methods and technology.
  • We want to provide our service 100% usable at reasonable cost from the customer's point of view through systematic quality improvement. That's why we want to avoid mistakes, minimize risks, seize opportunities and make our processes robust.


Altenberge, 14.06.2019